Stay Safe When Welding By Using the Lincoln Viking 3350 Helmet


  • The use of new pivot style provides superior comfort to the user
  • Compared to other Viking helmets, it is regarded to have the largest viewing area
  • It weights 567g
  • It has 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating
  • The helmet has a total of 4 sensors
  • The helmet sensitivity control includes variable shade, light sensitivity and Delay
  • The Lincoln Electric Company offers a 3-year warranty on Lincoln Viking 3350
  • The bifocal lenses can be mounted easily for better protection
lincoln viking 3350

Benefit of Using this Product

The most notable benefit of using the helmet is that it provides a clean and clear image when welding. Poor visibility is likely to impact on the weld quality that a person can make.

The screen will not be affected by haziness even during welding. That is a common problem with the other welding helmets when used for a long time.

Having the large viewing area plus the clear display makes it easy to work on many projects the whole day.

Who needs this Product Most and Why

If you are a person who is likely to spend most of the time welding, you need a helmet that is comfortable to wear.

This helmet uses the right cushioning technique providing the best comfort. Welding the whole day can sometimes be a daunting task.

However, having the comfort the helmet provides will make you easily do your work.

lincoln viking 3350

Customer Score

The helmet gets many positive ratings from the users who feel it has the features that really needed. On Amazon, the users have given this helmet an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

lincoln viking 3350

Summary of Amazon Customer’s Reviews

The reviews on Amazon about this product show that it is a major upgrade from what they had been using before.

The Lincoln Electric Viking helmet offers the many desirable features that people want. The idea that you can still weld even at angles with the helmet, it makes it better for most people.

You will no longer be exposing your eyes to the welding light by working at different angles.

Maintenance Guide

Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the helmet maintenance. The best part is that with maintenance, you can extend the durability of the helmet.

Here are some common maintenance tips.

  • Use the steps outlined in the manual to regularly clean the lens
  • The workplace should have the best ventilation to avoid suffocation from the welding activities
  • Buy the genuine lenses in case you want to replace the broken lenses. The genuine parts will ensure that you get to use most of the helmet and your safety is paramount.
  • The darkening of the filter should be monitored to ensure it is working properly. Without the darkening filter, you are more risk than before.


The is among the top welding helmets on the market right now. It provides high-quality features that keep you safe at all times when welding.

It is time to upgrade from your cheap and unreliable helmet by choosing the Lincoln Electric. Since it has so many positive reviews, it simply shows that it can live up to its promises.

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