The Highest Paid Welders and How to be One of Them

So, you want a fast-paced, exciting and completely unconventional job in the green-collar industry? Then, my dear reader, welding may just be the perfect fit for you!

When the average individual thinks about welders, their heads may be filled with average Joes in metal masks with blow torches in their hand, bent over a metal pipe of some sort in a dark cavernous space. We of course, know that this is far from the truth.

In the United States, the average welder makes about USD$46,000 a year. However, on the flip side, there are welders who make up to USD$200,000 a year. 

To put things in perspective, this means that welders are capable of making it into the same income bracket as doctors and lawyers.

Of course, the areas of welding that can offer such high remuneration are far and few in between. The good news is that none of them require a college degree but still offer great career prospects. 

Welders who are highly paid earn as much as they do due to risk-related compensation and a precise skill set.

However, with the amount of safety protocols in place today, welders are at no serious risk at work unless they are get complacent and act the fool. 

Listed below are 4 of the highest paid welding positions.

Industrial Pipe Welders

The 3 most important things you should take note of when considering a career in this field are: precision, speed and safety.

Industrial pipe welders prepare and install pipes that are meant to prevent accidents and ultimately, improve the lives of people. 

Pipe welders who are the highest paid usually have enrolled in welding or have taken up a course that provides them with specialized certification.

Once they have achieved this, they can work for companies overseas. This will allow them to pull in the $50,000 – or possibly even higher – paychecks.

The best places for industrial pipe welders are in green and energy industries. Alternatively, oil exporting areas such as the Middle East, are also great places for prospective industrial pipe welders to head to.


Military Support Welders

There is a huge demand for military support welders all over the world. Their job-scope revolves around making sure that all military-related equipment, transportation and gadgetry are well-maintained and kept in perfect working order.

Military support welders are based at military camps with soldiers. This being the case, their job is considered to be of higher risk than most other welders. 

Thus, including their risk compensation, military support welders make about USD$160,000 a year.

Becoming a military support welder will give you the opportunity to travel the world while simultaneously serving your country. 

If this notion is appealing to you – not to mention the 6-figure salary – then this particular field in welding may just be the perfect fit for you.


Shipyard Welding

The need for both ship building and repairing welders is so large that there are whole communities built within shipyards that cater specifically to welders.

Welders in this field work on ships such as aircraft carriers, cruise liners and even specialty research vessels. These jobs can last a few weeks to a few months. 

However, they are all project based and once the necessary work is complete, the shipyard welder will be off to a new locale.

On an annual basis, shipyard welders make about USD$180,000. However, if a project is particularly arduous or if it gets extended in any way, it is not uncommon for the welders to receive bonuses of up to USD$20,000.

Underwater Welding

Lastly, we have underwater welding. Apart from having precise welding capabilities, an underwater welder has to be an experienced and professionally qualified diver.

Underwater welders make at least USD$200,000 a year. But here’s the best part – because they cannot be exposed to the intense pressure they are subjected to underwater for an extended period of time, they typically only work 6-months a year.

This means that if you choose to go down this path and get all the necessary certification, not only will you be making income that is on par with the highest echelon of white collar professionals but you will be doing so by putting in just half the time they do at work.


Conclusively, when it comes to any specific welding, no big college degrees or huge student loans are necessary. 

By exploring all your options in the various fields and deciding for yourself the kind of lifestyle you want to lead, you will be able to figure out the best path to take to further your future.

After all, if you truly love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life, right?



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